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The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea 1982 (UNCLOS), which were ratified by 154 countries, requires every ship to sail under one flag (Article 92 of UNCLOS) and also confers a right to every State, whether littoral or land-locked, to have ships flying its flag (Article 91 of UNCLOS).
Any ship, be it a yacht, commercial vessel, military ship or a fishing boat has to be registered. As a ship will spend most of its life in the international waters, sailing between a large selection of countries, it cannot be said to automatically 'belong' to a particular country in the same way, as for example, a factory or other similar static plant. But a ship can not be stateless. It has to 'belong' to one particular country to be subject to that country's laws which should incorporate various international conventions for ships, and in time of difficulty, to be able to claim the protection of that country. Within that country the vessel will be registered at a particular port; the port of registry being an important item of information in a ship's details.
Tailor-Made Solutions for Yacht Owners
Wide Choice of Flags of Convenience
Professional Support during and after Registration
We can help with
Ownership Structuring
Structuring and setting up a corporate entity to ensure yacht ownership confidentiality (if required).

Registration of your yacht under the chosen flag of convenience. Appointing a resident ship agent.

Technical Surveys
Assistance with arranging technical inspections and surveys.

Assistance with obtaining tailor marine insurance for maximum cover the yacht and its owner.

Legal Advice
Legal advice and assistance in the case of ownership disputes or otherwise.
The purchase of a yacht is a major asset acquisition, therefore matters such as registration of ownership, selection of the correct flag and ownership confidentiality cannot be neglected.

Starting Business can guide you each step of the way advising you on the flag of convenience that would best suit your needs, incorporating a corporate vehicle that would hold and protect your yacht or structuring and implementing a tax effective scheme in order to reduce a tax burden on your yacht (this is especially the case for VAT unpaid yachts intending to sail in EU waters).

By engaging our expertise, you can rest assured about the efficiency and cost effectiveness of the services we offer.
We can assist you with the registration of your yacht under the flag of any of the following jurisdictions:
Registration requirements vary from country to country.
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